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Management & Quality

Regardless of what we make or the service we provide the quality and fit for purpose will determine our success and reputation.  For RF Test Solutions having IANZ audit us every year for our laboratory compliance to ISO 17025 not only gives us confidence about what we are doing but also gives our customers the reassurance they need about the quality and professionalism they will get from RF Test Solutions.

Our partners have been specifically selected by us as they have the same business values and quality expectations as we do. They, and we, are also able to provide our customers with the tools and services they need to inspect the quality of their own product and service and take actions if these are not to the required standard.

As our staff visit a large number of companies and organisations we are often asked to help benchmark the approaches and systems customers are using against others in the industry. We are often able to provide technology training as well as the equipment to help ensure the product or service is up to expectation. We can provide an independent witness or observer to assist management in understanding a situation.

We guarantee the specifications and performance of everything we sell and if you consult us about the right tool for the job then we will stand by any recommendation we make. There is no need to spend hours trying to work out if an instrument will do what you need when you can give us your requirement and we will do the rest for you. If we cannot help we can often refer you to someone who can.

If you have a need to make sure your product of service meets the expectation of the customer then please get in contact with us for assistance. We guarantee our products and services. 

"International recognition of New Zealand's expertise and measurement standards capability provides essential support for our competitiveness as a nation in the global economy. The excellent service and support provided by RF Test Solutions is helping us to participate in a number of on-going international efforts to improve measurement standards, as well as to deliver measurement services to New Zealand industry."

Dr Blair Hall, Senior Research Scientist, Measurement Standards Laboratory, Industrial Research Limited