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Pendulum Instruments

Pendulum's roots date back to the 1950’s, when it was the Swedish branch of Philips Test & Measurement division. Pendulum Instruments was spun off in 1998, and has grown substantially since then. Pendulum Instruments has offices in Poland, Sweden and USA, and sales representatives in approximately 100 countries on all continents and service centres in several countries. It produces industry leading frequency counter/analyser instruments with inputs up to 60GHz with crystal and Rubidium oscillators as well as GPS locked Frequency and Time standards and frequency distribution amplifiers.

Recent additions to the portfolio are Detectus EMC scanners for pre-compliance work and high voltage linear amplifiers for Test and Measurement Applications.

Pendulum Instruments' products fit the needs of metrology, aerospace and defense, telecom, oscillator manufacturing, RF and Microwave, electronic industries, contract manufacturing and automotive industries, in around 100 countries worldwide.