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Pickering Interfaces Ltd

Pickering Interfaces design and manufacture commercial and custom switching modules used in the electronics test market and for embedded switching in OEM equipment. Pickering Interfaces also design, manufacture, and distribute PXI instrument modules for use in test systems.

Pickering Interfaces offer the largest range of switching products available from a single supplier. Pickering products are specified in test systems installed throughout the world and have gained a reputation for providing excellent reliability and excellent value for money. Switching products are offered that are based on a proprietary backplane, on the open standard PXI system, PCI cards and the LXI and VXI standards.

Pickering also offers the largest range of switching products available in PXI format - they have more models available than the rest of the industry put together. Modules vary from the world's highest density switching matrix available (the BRIC modules), RF and optical switching products through to simple and precision resistor switching networks for sensor emulation.