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GS-4VT Voltage and Temperature Terminal


The GS-4VT allows the combination of pulse and logic channels to be measured at the same time


  • Measures Analogue Voltage or Temperature
  • Can measure in Logic (signal pattern) or Pulse (instant/accumulated)
  • Voltage/Temperature: 4 channels (measurement type for channels can each be separately selected)
  • Logic/pulse: 4 channles (measurement type for channels can be selected as set of channels)
  • Input method of voltage/temperature: Scans by the photo-MOS-relay, all channels isolated input
  • Thermocouple range: K type -200˚C to 1370˚C, T type -200˚C to 400˚C
  • Burnnout checking: Displaying warning when Thermocouple has failed
  • Can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature measurements
  • Connects to the GL100-N and GL100-WL Data Loggers

Product status: Available

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