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U1782B SMD Tweezer

U1782B v2

Key Features & Specifications

  • Length: 815mm
  • Measurement Accuracy for Capacitance (Tweezers Open) <0.7pF, Resistance (Tweezers Short) <0.5Ω, Inductance (Tweezers Short) <1.2µH
  • Tweezer for testing capacitance, inductance or resistance of SMD components
  • Guard ends to be connected to guard terminals of meter for better noise immunity


The Keysight U1782B is a tweezer to be used with the U1700 Series Handheld Capacitor and Handheld LCR Meters. For better noise immunity, the tweezer has a GUARD end to be connected to the meter´s GUARD terminal. The tweezer has been redesigned with new shielded rigid cable to improve the usability and measurement stability.


Product status: Available

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